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ACOIN Bihar State Chapter

Managing Committee

Hony.Life President : Prof  Raj Vardhan  Azad
        Executive President : Prof ASB Sahay

                        Working  President: Dr. Sunil Singh  


Vice Presidents :
1. Dr. Subhas Prasad
       2 Dr. Sudhir Kumar  


Hony. Gen Secretary : Dr. Nagendra Prasad
1.Dr.Nilesh Mohan
2.Dr.Ravi Ranjan

hairman Scientific Committee
Dr .Shalabh Sinha

Chairman News Letter : Dr Ranjana
Dr Varsha Singh

Dr Puja Sinha
Dr. Anita Ambasta

Executive Members
        1 Dr. Babu Saheb Jha
2.Dr.Sony Sinha
3.Dr.Ranjit sinha
4.Dr.J G Aggarwal
5.Dr Ajai Sinha
6.Dr.Vishal Kishor
7.Dr Abhishek Anand
8.Dr Satyajit Sinha
9.Dr Abhishek Kumar
   10.Dr.Reena Bhagat.
 11 Dr Priyanka


Dear Members,


You are cordially invited to attend ACOIN installation ceremony and CME organised jointly by IMA , AIOS and VRSB  diabetic retinopathy at Hotel Gargee Grand at 6 Pm on 24t June.You are also requested to attend Diabetic Walk on 25 June at New Patna club by 7.30 Am  followed by diabetic detection camp & diabetic retinopathy screening camp. Your presence will be highly solicited.

Dr Sunil Kr Singh
Working President , ACOIN
BIHAR  State Chapter
Dr Nagendra Prasad
Honorary General Secretary, ACOIN Bihar State Chapter


Sat 24 June   

2.00pm  - 4.00 pm 

Camp & visit of 2 Blind Schools. 

6 .00 PM onwards Hotel  Gargi Grand.

6 pm - 7 pm :

Installation of ACOIN Bihar chapter
7 pm - 9 pm 

C M E followed by Gala Musical Dinner ( melodious old songs by Dr NSD Raju).

Sun 25 June.

8 .00AM.

Prevention of
diabetic blindness Walk. from New Patna Club to IT Ground. about &
back followed by

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening & Awareness Camp

10 AM to 1 PM     

Venue  - New Patna Club

National Coordinator Speaks



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