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ACOIN District CME

ACOIN District CME Design


District  CME  on “ Comprehensive Eye Care at PHC Level”


ACOIN Slogan for the year  :  Venture  the Villages for Vision

  • Preamble :    Under the banner of ACOIN ,rthere will be District CME  on “ Comprehensive Eye Care  at PHC Level” around One hundred districts of India and adjoin SAARC Countries during this year (Nov.. 2015 – Oct. 2016) so as to undergo the situation analysis  to materialize ACOIN Theme of the Session “In search of the problems for proper Community Eye Care in India & adjoining countries : ACOIN Contribution for an effective situation analysis”. The Members of AIOS, IMA , State & Divisional Ophthalmological Societies will be  included  into this programme

  • Target Audience will be 30 -50 . (All  Eye Health Care Personnel of the particular district from both Govt & Non Govt. Sectors : Medical Fraternity interested in Prevention of Blindness Programme  - Ophthalmologists in particulr + Ophthalmic Assistants/ Optometrists/ Refractionists + Managerial Staff of  Eye Hospital  / Dept of Ophthalmology of  General Hospital / Medical Colleges  )


  • . Hour of discussion : 03 hrs – 3hrs. 30 mins .

  • .The Aim  of  ACOIN  District CME all  over India and adjoining  SAARC Countries   :

i)                     To impeach the goal of Association of Community Ophthalmologists of India (ACOIN) : “Advocacy in Community Eye Health Care in Indian Subcontinent” in the rural corners of India and SAARC Countries

ii)                   To enroll   more and more Eye  Health Care Personnel in ACOIN Members role (Regular Members or Associate Members).  The main aim of these CME to enroll  at least one new member of ACOIN from each district.


iii)                  To Raise Fund  as much as possible to run the ACOIN Secretariat work  ( to publish a Souvenir during each CME & a Proceedings during the Annual Conference with the CV and abstracts of the Speakers to facilitate interaction , a News letter(e letter)  and a Journal (printed version) twice in a tear  and to give away different prizes and awards  to promote community eye health education  as well as community health service at different levels) smoothly as well to  collect a core fund to make ACOIN viable and self sustainable in future.

iv)                 To know  Community Eye Health of our Mother land in a more practical way ( collection of base line data from the community on the prevalence of ocular morbidity)   : through academic discussion and  community eye health survey to be done by the participating Ophthalmic Assistants on our ACOIN scheduled Proforma of Survey amongst 100 families of his locality

v)                   To interchange and interact on Community Eye Health Issues on  evidence based  ophthalmology   : Academic discussion followed by  Field study

  • The Common Topic of the CME  : “Comprehensive  Eye Health Care at PHC Level”

  • So far Organised ( upto 01st March , 2016) :  Starting on 28th. March, 2015 from Burdwan , West Bengal , 16  such assemblies were held so far   for 24 Districts of India

(1)     Eastern India  : West Bengal (09 Districts)  : Burdwan, Bankura, Nadia, East Midnapore, West Midnapore, Murshidabad, Alipurduar, Cooch Behar, Purulia, Odisha (02 Districts) : Khurda & Balasore

(2)      North Eastern India  : Tripura (09 Districts)  : Unakuti,North District , Dhalai (North Tripura),  Gomati, Udaipur, South  District  (South Tripura ) ,  Agartala, Khoai & Shipaijola  (West Tripura )

(3)     Union Territory  :  Andaman & Nicobar Islands (0 3Districts)  m North & Middle Andaman, South Andaman , Nicobar

(4)     Western India  :  Rajasthan (01District)  Jaipur

  • Programme in summary ( 05hrs)  : (   It may be organised in the  morning ( 9.30 am to 1.30pm  /afternoon Session from 02.00pm to 07.00pm )

:8.30 AM -9.00 AM : Registration with Breakfast

9.30  AM – 10.00 AM : Inauguration 

10.00 AM -11.00 PM : Scientific Session I :Cataract :Childhood Blindness:  :Refractive Error  & Red Eyes / Ophthalmia:

11.05 AM -12.00 PM : Scientific Session II : Glaucoma  : Diabetic Retinopathy: Corneal Blindness & Eye Banking & Ocular Injuries

12.05 AM -01.00 PM : Scientific Session III :Primary Eye Care through PHC  under NPCB  ,Available Resources and its mobilisation  through PHC  under NPCB  in this particular district, Survey Methodology, Situation Analysis :


01.05 PM -01.30 PM :  Valedictory  Session

1.30 PM onwards :  Lunch

  • Mementos/ Gifts for the speakers and participants  and Utility Bags/ Folders : The LOC will only  prepare and provide these things if they have abundance of Fund /sponsor. Otherwise it is not a must.

  • 24  Page Souvenir  will be published   in each CME  by ACOIN  Secretariat   : 150 copies will be printed  (in black and white) every time  in art paper  which will be distributed amongst the Registered participants and will be sent by  Courier to  the ACOIN Managing Committee Members & the Sponsors after the CME. A  demography of the particular district  in respect to  Community Eye Health Care will be included in the Book  along with the Photo,  CV and abstracts of the Speakers, the addresses of the President, Scientific Secretary, Treasurer, Organizing Chairperson and Organizing Secretary .

Team ACOIN District CME :

   The following ACOIN Members will conduct the District CME in conjunction with each other on the consensus of the opinion of the majority in each and every aspect.

 Group Commander : Dr. B N RSubudhi (Chairman , Steering Comm)

Group Captain : Dr. Swapan Samanta (Hon. Gen Secry, ACOIN)

Convener of the Scientific Session  : Dr. Jajneswar Bhunia (Chairman , Scientific Comm)

       Group Leaders :

  1. Dr. M A Rajan(President)

  2. Dr. Anil Naryn Kularni (President Elect)

  3. Dr. Debdas Mukherjee (Vice President)

  4. Dr. Raghav Ram Sukul (Immediate Past President)

  5. Dr. Harsha Bhattacharya (Past President)

  6. Dr. Praveen Vasisht (New Delhi)

  7. Dr. Jasdeep Singh Sandhu(Punjab)

  8. Mr. N G S Srinivas (Andhra Pradesh)

  9. Dr. Sudipta Dey (West Bengal)

  10. Dr. Uday Gajiwala(Gujarat)

  11. Dr. Rakesh Kamran (Chhatish Gargh)

  12. Dr. Satyajit Pal (Tripura)

  13. Dr. Shyam Agarwal (Maharashtra)

  14. Dr. Satanshu Mathur (Uttarakhand)

  15. Dr. Subhra Kinkor Goswamai (Assam)




Appeal  To Business Houses / Benevolent Persons  for  a little financial support  to organize  ACOIN   DISTRICT CME  (Session 2015 - 2016)  on “ Comprehensive Eye Health Care at PHC Level” under ACOIN Theme of the year  “In search of the problems for proper Community Eye Care in India & adjoining countries : ACOIN Contribution for an effective situation analysis” .

Respected Sir,

Greetings from the Secretariat of  Association of Community Ophthalmologists of India (ACOIN) !   Your constant support  has helped ACOIN  to reach at this height of International Recognition with a Roll Strength of 613 Members at present..

In the current Session (2015-2016) we have planned to  organize ONE HUNDRED DISTRICT CME IN INDIA AND ADJOINING COUNTRIES under our NATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR CONTROL OF BLINDNESS with the slogan “ Venture the Villages with Vision”. So far we have finished Sixteen such assemblies at district level covering 24 districts of Eastern India ( all the nine districts of Tripura, Two districts of Odisha and  Nine districts of West Bengal),  one in Western India( Rajasthan) & Three districts in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. HERE  ARE  THE DIFFERENT AVENUES OF SUPPORT  . IT IS UPTO YOU TO  SELECT & EXTEND YOUR HELP  AT THE  EARLIEST.


It will be 24 Pages Folder containing all the Proceedings of the CME including the abstracts. The printed  format will be mailed to 600 members of the Association around SAARC Countries.

Size  of the Souvenir :  180mm X 245mm (Crown Size)

Cover Page : Four Coloured,   Inside Pages : Black & White Advertisement  ( All black & white)

Full Page : Rs. 06,000.00  , Half Page : Rs. 04,000.00,  Qtr. Page : Rs. 03,000.00, Special Coloured Page : Rs. 10,000.00


Only for One day ,Table Space would be provided (  One Tables & Two Chairs) : 2Mtrs. X 2 Mtrs

Complimentary Food Coupon for Two Representatives,  Rs. Five  Thousand  per Stall


Only for One day ,Space would be provided to put the Banner : 2Mtrs. X 2 Mtrs/ Rs.Five hundred  per Banner


Space would be provided ( Two Tables & Two Chairs) for a stall : 2Mtrs. X 2 Mtrs , to put the Banner : 2Mtrs. X 2 Mtrs

Complimentary Food Coupon for Two Representatives

Projection of Product Information during the Session

Rs. 30,000.00 only  for full  day session

Please be kind to send your PROPOSAL FOR PARTICIPATION  along with the money   by Cheque  in favour  of “ACOIN    DISTRICT  CME   FUND “ .

Name of the A/C : ACOIN    DISTRICT  CME   FUND

Type of A/C: SAVINGS, A/C No : 35424062183

CIF No:86536422720, IFSC :SBIN0008745,

Name of the Bank: STATE BANK OF INDIA. Branch : Tamluk Railway StationBank Address : Salgechia, Tamluk, Purva Medinipore, West Bengal, PIN : 721636, Tel : 03228 266297, Email :

BRANCH Code No : 8745

  Looking forward for your kind  reply . Regards.

Hony. General  Secretary, Association of Community Ophthalmologists of India.

President, Indian Association of Leprologists & Deputy Secretary General , SAARC Academy of Ophthalmology

 ( Dr. Swapan Kumar Samanta, Prof. & Visiting Eye Surgeon, Dept. of Ophthalmology, Burdwan  Medical College, Burdwan, WB, India, Tel : 09434023759, Email :


1.For any  District CME under the Banner of Association of Community Ophthalmologists of India(ACOIN)

Name of the A/C : ACOIN    DISTRICT  CME   FUND

Type of A/C: SAVINGS

A/C No : 35424062183

CIF No:86536422720

IFSC :SBIN0008745

Name of the Bank: STATE BANK OF INDIA

Name of the Branch : Tamluk Railway Station

Bank Address : Salgechia, Tamluk, Purva

Medinipore, West Bengal, PIN : 721636, Tel : 03228 266297, Email :

BRANCH Code No : 8745

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