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ACOIN session in Annual Conference of Jharkhand State Opthalmological Society ( JHOSCON ), 8th December 2017 at Hazaribag


Panel Discussion  Topic : Community Eye Health in Jharkhand . 

Convener :  Dr. Vandana Prasad,

Chairpersons :  Prof Bimal Sahay & Dr. B N Gupta ,

Moderater :  Prof . Rajeev Gupta,

Welcome Address by   Dr. Bandana Prasad,

ACOIN VIDEO,  Introduction :   Prof. Swapan Samanta,

Panelists:  (1)  Dr. Vandana Prasad, ( 2) Dr. Sujoy Samanta,(3)Dr. Nilendu Dutt Mishra, (4) Dr. Sanjay Chowdhury, (5) Dr. Jay Shankar Ojha

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