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6th Annual Conference of ACOIN and

International Assembly of Community Ophthalmology


Science Convention Center

King George's Medical University

Chowk, Shah Mina Rd, Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh-226003

Day & Date:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

30th October, 31st October & 1st November 201

Organising Chairperson:

Prof. Vinita Singh

Organising Secretary:

Dr. Vishal Katiyar




Scientific Programme Highlights:

Scientific Programme conducted throughout 3 days in in 3 halls

Academic Hours:

Day-1: 13 Hours

Day-2: 8 Hours

Day-4: 16 Hours

  • Highest participation till date in the Rapid Fire Session for the post graduate trainees numbering 39 out of which 25 were from Bangladesh.

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in the Rapid Fire Session won by the PGTs from Bangladesh.

  • Audio visual quiz session conducted by Dr. J. Bhunia, Chairman, Scientific Committe was very much appreciated by the post graduate trainees.

  • Allotted sessions to IROPA, Bangladesh, SAARC academy, North East, R. P. Center of AIIMS and ARC of AIOS were successfully completed.

Inauguration was graced by:


Sriyukta Ram Naik:

Governor of Uttar Pradesh


Prof. Ravi Kant:

Vice Chancellor of King George’s Medical University has kindly consented to grace the inauguration programme on Day-2

Conference Highlights:

Results of Competitive sessions


1st : Dr. Bharti Nigam : Study of refractive errors in medical students

2nd : Dr. Tarique Hussain Khan : Co morbidities in individuals undergoing cataract surgery

Ophtha Quiz:

1st : Dr. Syed Wajahat Ali Rizvi  (22 / 36)

2nd : Dr. Munavvar Ansari (20 / 36)

3rd : Alok Ranjan (20 / 36)

Free Paper:

Dr. Syed Wajahat Ali Rizvi : Awareness and outlook towards eye donation

Rapid Fire PGT free Paper Competition:

1st : Dr. Sarah Rahman : Assessment of IOP after Phaco-emulsification with IOL implantation

2nd : Dr. Nafiz Mahmood : Pre operative emphasis on local anaesthesia in ocular surgery

3rd : Dr. Tazbir Ahmed : Sports related injuries

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