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ACOIN Delegate Camp in AIOC GURUGRAM 2020

Welcome to " *ACOIN Delegate Camp in AIOC GURUGRAM 2020" :* Guest House of Gurugram University .( *Graciously Provided by our Respected ACOINIAN Prof Markendey Ahuja, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of Gurugram University* ) . This has been *Arranged by Prof Inder Mohan Rustogi, Joint Secretary , ACOIN National Managing Committee & Chief Organising Secretary, AIOC Gurugram 2020* . In this respect we respectfully *REMEMBER* the same gesture of our beloved ACOINIAN of Madhya Pradesh namely *Dr. Satish Premchandani of Indore  ( Chief Organising* *Secretary, ACOIN Indore 2019)* who was kind enough to provide the same sort of ACOIN Delegate Camp last year in Indore during AIOC Indore 2019. *There are only 15 Rooms only for Families and also for Twin sharing Rooms* . All the residents of the Delegate Camp will be entertained by *Dinner on 15th. February 2020 at the Camp during Rothak Alumni Meeting* ( invited by Dr Inder Mohan Rustogi). Please **post your names Immediately if you like to  enjoy your COMPLIMENTARY stay in Delegate Camp*FROM 11TH FEBRUARY TO 16TH FEBRUARY,2020* 

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