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ACOIN Kolkata 2014 : A Grand Success

5th Annual Conference of ACOIN and
International Assembly of Community Ophthalmology
31st October, 1st November and 2nd November
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  • Comments received via E-Mail and Mobile message:

Dr. Subhro Kinkor Goswami:

It has been a great experience. Excellent ambience and the encouraging team works making the whole show a splendid one. Congrats to all within the dedicated team.

Comments received via E-Mail and Mobile message:


Dr. Pankaj Bhattacharya:

Congrats for a great show and thanks for all your help.

Dr. Nabendu Pal, Prof. of Statistics:

U. of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana, 70504, USA

I would like to convey my heart-felt warmth to you and your 

colleagues for managing the entire conference so smoothly. it was also great to see colleagues from neighboring countries coming to attend the ACOIN conference, and indeed it strengthens the bond between India.

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Dr. M. A. Rajan: Tamilnadu

Dear all,thank you very much for all your efforts to make our mind richer body comfortable. Thank once again.

Dr. Sachin Ganorkar:

Thank you for your kind support and good organisation of the event. Congratulations.

Dr. P. N. Nagpal:

Iwould like to congratulate you for the phenomenal success of the meeting. It is great to revisit the events in photos.

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Dr. Swapan K. Halder: Bangladesh

I've reached safely to my family, but still feeling that I'm in touch with you, the task you've done within the couple of days was simply praisworthy, the coordination among youself and intimacy to us was just more than I can say, which I should never forget

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Dr. Harminder S. Dua: Nottingham, UK

Thank you for your kind email and your hospitality and personal attention to every detail. I really enjoyed my visit and the opportunity to interact with so many colleagues and trainees.

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Dr. Nahid Ferdausi Snigdha: Bangladesh

Its a great pleasure for me to attend this conference. This conference makes an opportunity to strengthen the friendship between Ophthalmologists of two countries (India & Bangladesh).
Hope we the Bangladeshi team will attend ACOIN 2015 that will be held in Lucknow.

Dr. Jayashri Barua: Tejpur, Assam

Congratulations for the successful completion of the annual conference. I could not make it this time. Hoping to be at Lucknow next time.

Dr. G. S. GogoiTinsukia, Assam

Congratulations for a very well managed conference.

Dr. Anita Shah: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Dear Dr. ........... It was really wonderful experiencein Kolkata Conference. I adore you and your team work.

Dr. Tara Prasad Das: As I return to Hyderabad yesterday, I want to thank you for the honor bestowed and friendship exhibited. You have carried this gigantic task single handedly and we all are proud of this. Pray you continue the good work. God bless. Regards


Dr. Arun Verma: Kindly accept my heartiest congratulation for conducting such a wonderful Conference . Everything was well planned and appropriately executed. Last but not least accept my gratitude for bestowing upon me with GOLD MEDAL

Dr. Ramachandra Pararajasegaram:

I cannot find enough words to say how much I appreciate all the help and courtesies extended to me over the years and particularly this week in Kolkata. The conference itself was comprehensive and educational and I am sure our young up and coming colleagues learnt a number of things that will make them good ophthalmologits in the future.

The social events too were exceptional and enjoyable.

Many thanks for everything. Warm regards


Dr. Ranabir Mukherji:

It was my pleasure to attend the ACOIN Conference on the 1st November, 2014. It was a wonderful experience for me at this old age and I feel no word is sufficient to praise the organisational ability of the team of workers under your dynamic leadership. I am indeed grateful for the courtesy and unique honour  extended to me by you all which I hardly deserve.

You are doing a commendable job in promoting Community Ophthalmology for the benefit of poor suffering people of our country.. I remember about 40 years ago I advocated introduction of 'Public Health Ophthalmology' in our curriculum in an Editorial of JIMA, published in April,1976. The occasion was World Health Day of that year on 'Foresight prevents blindness'. I gave a copy of it to Ketaki for your perusal.

I wish you all success in all your endeavours which are beneficial to the people at large. With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Ranabir Mukherji

Dr. Enayet Hussain:

Heartiest thanks and felicitation for successfully organizing   the ACOIN Kolkata 2014. It is a great pleasure for me to come in contact with a great organizer like you.

Hopefully  I will work with you in elimination of childhood blindness especially in community perspective.



Dr. P. Namperumalsamy:

The conference was well organized and I enjoyed the entire meeting. It was nice to have your wonderful hospitality and I thank you for the same

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