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Solitaire engagement rings are a great choice for those who want to be married.

A symbol of love unconditional that can be given on special occasions.

The Solitaire is the ring symbolizing eternal love. It is distinguished by a single precious stone set into the ring. It is a symbol of a long-lasting and loyal bond, accompanied by the love of your life. It is one of three engagement rings that are presented at marriage proposals and other occasions. When did the tradition of presenting a solitaire engagement ring begin, what is its significance? And what are other occasions to present it?

What is the Solitaire Ring?

In contrast to other engagement rings As opposed to other engagement rings, the Solitaire is distinguished by the presence of a single precious stone incorporated into the ring. The most commonly used stone is a white gold solitaire with a diamond, but there are also Solitaires that feature other precious stones or metals.

Solitaire Solitaire has two different types of setting, both with prongs like the renowned Tiffany Setting, in which the stone is positioned in the middle of the ring using prongs and bezels, where the stone is housed in an open cavity.

As for the cut of stones, the most sought after is the dazzling cut, round in shape and capable of making any stone emit a dazzling light.

What is the significance of Solitaire

The Solitaire with diamonds is a symbol for eternal love and a strong bond. It is an expression of fidelity, because just one stone signifies an individual love, commitment and the stability of the relationship.

It is a promise to the future, and for this reason it is usually offered during the vow of marriage. It is also because of its circular shape it is a symbol of eternality.

Stones and metals with which to create a Solitaire

The most prominent stone in Solitaire rings is the white diamond, which is a symbol of purity, solidity and the stability of the relationship between two partners. It is usually set with a brilliant or princess cut, and with a round drop or heart-shaped.

However, the selection of stone is also based on other kinds of precious stones, for instance colored diamonds or stones that have different meanings from those of the diamond.

Solitaires can be created using rubies to symbolize passion. They can also be made with aquamarines and sapphires. These are stones that represent the fidelity, stability and joy in a relationship.

Among the options to choose from there are also zircons that provide the Solitaire an informal look and can be easily adapted to any clothing and style.

The most used metal used in the Solitaire setting is white gold. However, modern models are also available in yellow gold, rose gold, silver, or steel depending on the preferences of the person you are gifting the Solitaire to.

Solitaire rings have a long history.

The custom of giving an engagement ring as a sign of the promise of love and commitment has been practiced since Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. In this time the custom of placing the wedding ring on your left ring finger was also developed.

According to the ancients, the left ring finger is home to the vena Amoris, a small vein that runs across the arm and connects to the heart. A ring placed on the ring finger an excellent sign of good luck for the couple, who will remain together forever.

The tradition of giving a diamond solitaire has been practiced since the Renaissance period. The first diamond engagement ring was presented by Archduke Maximilian in 1477 to his future bride Mary of Burgundy. It was a ring of gold that was decorated with a single diamond. It was a symbol of love and eternal union.

When to give a Solitaire ring

The Solitaire is usually given as an expression of love, in the event of wedding proposals or an engagement ring. It may also be used to commemorate significant events or anniversaries that couples have in their lives.

However, this does not mean that a Solitaire cannot be given to other occasions or for other people, especially when choosing other stones in addition to the diamond.

Solitaires make a great gift for a mother and daughter, or to commemorate an important occasion. It can also be used as gift to a significant person. There are no restrictions but the most important thing, given the significance of the Solitaire is to give it to a person with whom you share an unbreakable and significant bond.

Where to wear solitaire rings

If you give the ring as a present for the marriage proposal, it should be worn on the left finger of the ring. Once the wedding is celebrated However, the ring should be moved to the right ring finger so as to not obscure the wedding ring with its shining shine.

If the Solitaire is a present outside of the engagement it is possible to wear it on any other finger.


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